The Caltrans Agency is planning to reopen Highway-1 coastal regional area in Monterey County thereafter repairs because of massive mudslides. The highway reopening is planning for the end of July 2018 if everything goes well as scheduled, and not September as Caltrans announced on Tuesday. The Highway-1 has been under major damages and mudslides since December 2016, and worse mudslides during May 2017 last year. The debris from highway mudslides made it worse with damages moving into the ocean within 15 acres of coastline covered areas. The Caltrans have been working to stabilize and rebuild the highway - $54 million rebuilding project. Including a rock solid seawall to prevent any future damages along Highway-1 with less costing amount.

"The rebuilding project and restoring traffic along Highway-1 has been our priority and reopening it sooner than expected," said Richard Rosales, Caltrans District-5 Acting Director. #EliteLimousine driver's background is lawfully checked and cleared to operate passenger transporting vehicles, and all fleet vehicles are always cleaned with eco-cleaning solutions without toxin, to keep car interiors environmentally safe and healthy for passengers. All Elite Limousine fleet vehicles are maintained according to "current safety provisions" and monitored to be consistent with legal emission levels for our environment, keeping our environmental climate healthy based on surveys our international media network received.

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