The Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) state agency in San Francisco Bay Area and statewide honors their fallen workers every year. Many thanks to all Caltrans employees for their hard working assignments on California highways, and vehicular roadways because it comes with dangerous working environments. Their lives depends on focus drivers and/or distracted drivers on highways and roadways, and including weather conditions because anything can happen on state highways during 24/7 hours of operation. The Caltrans agency has thereby honorary Fallen Workers Memorial event at the California State Capitol, and families, friends, and the public is invited to attend. The Caltrans with their partnering agencies and CHP (California Highway Patrol) is encouraging all drivers, and to be aware of therein Move Over Law to protect Caltrans working personnel on highways - visit for more information and/or state highway projects.

"All drivers in California should respect workers on highways, and slowdown when seeing amber flashing lights because of Caltrans working safety conditions," said Tim Bolinger, local commuter in San Francisco County. #EliteLimousine driver's background is lawfully checked and cleared to operate passenger transporting vehicles, and drivers will wear face covering masks to protect passengers from therein COVID-19 virus. All fleet vehicles are always cleaned with eco-cleaning solutions without toxin, and environmental disinfectants to keep car interiors environmentally safe and healthy for passengers. All Elite Limousine fleet vehicles are maintained according to "current safety and healthy provisions" and monitored to be consistent with legal emission levels for our environment, keeping our environmental climate healthy based on surveys our international media network received.

"Your driver was amazingly wonderful and did a great job," said Janice Combs, local business customer. #EliteLimousine performs authentic face-to-face questionnaire surveys with customers, and 97% of customers sharing very satisfied with transportation services provided by #EliteLimousine, per evidence-based information our survey department received!

2016 S-Class Mercedes: