The Google self-driving car project Waymo launched a self-driving education for autonomous cars in Arizona last week. The educational session is called "Let's Talk Self-Driving" to provide people with information about trending autonomous self-driving cars. It's an awareness approach to share how technology is helping to address some of safety challenges on roads today. Including drunk driving people, roadway aggressive behaviors leading into deaths, and traffic congestion within San Francisco Bay Area. It's another optional transportation for seniors and disabled people especially blind individuals. There are companies using Arizona roadways to test their autonomous self-driving vehicles including digital advertising for awareness.

"The people seeing these types of cars on roadways are enthusiastic and raising curiosity about self-driving cars," said John Krafcik, Waymo CEO (Chief Executive Officer). #EliteLimousine driver's background is lawfully checked and cleared to operate passenger transporting vehicles, and all fleet vehicles are always cleaned with eco-cleaning solutions without toxin, to keep car interiors environmentally safe and healthy for passengers. All Elite Limousine fleet vehicles are maintained according to "current safety provisions" and monitored to be consistent with legal emission levels for our environment, keeping our environmental climate healthy based on surveys our international media network received.

"Once again you guys are the best in this business getting my clients to the airport on a timely manner," said Peter Veazey, local business customer. #EliteLimousine performs authentic face-to-face questionnaire surveys with customers, and 97% of customers sharing very satisfied with transportation services provided by #EliteLimousine, per evidence-based information our survey department received!

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