Last clump buses to be replaced by big price tag in Muni worth $244 M

The worst and oldest buses of Muni, which has caused nearly half of the breakdowns in the city are likely to be replaced soon. On Tuesday, the transportation board of San Francisco has voted for replacement.

By the end of 2019, the trolley buses which are named for twin electric poles will soon be replaced by 185 new buses. These new buses will be manufactured by New Flyer Inc which worth $244 million. The SF Municipal Transportation Corporation has extended the contract with New Flyer Inc.

The director of Transportation, John Haley said “There is a sense of urgency about this. The buses on their way out the door were manufactured by the now-defunct Electric Transit Inc., and though they make up a “relatively small percentage” of Muni’s total daily mileage”. “They have no off-wire capability. If you’re stuck, and there’s a collision, anything coming up behind it couldn’t go around,” he told the board. “It can go up to 5 miles an hour usually for like a block.”

New Flyer trolleys cover the distance between from Ocean Beach to the Transbay Terminal with a relative speed of up to 40 mph.

The new buses will begin to arrive by the end of 2017, Haley said, and will fully replace the ETI buses by the end of 2019.

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