Federal Officials have changed landing rules at San Francisco after the very close call

In the last month incident, where an Air Canada jet struck planes on the ground at San Francisco International Airport, FAA approved new rules for control-tower and landing staffing in the nighttime to avoid disaster in the future. The pilots will use satellite-based systems and instrumental landing system to line up on the exact run way.

Ian Gregor, spokesperson of Federal Aviation Administration said, “The agency also will require two controllers in the airport tower during busy late-night periods. Only one controller was working during the Air Canada incident. The FAA is making changes after two Air Canada pilots mistakenly lined up a jet to land on a taxiway, sort of a side road that four other planes were using to reach the runway”.

Airport spokesperson, Doug Yakel said “Runway 28-left (where the incident happened) has since reopened, but runways are routinely closed overnight for maintenance work. The incident is under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board. It said the pilots told investigators that they didn't recall seeing planes on the taxiway but that something did not look right to them”.

Whereas, Air Canada has not commented on this incident yet.

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