Dining Extravaganza

Dining Extravaganza: $545.00 in 15 passengers Sprinter

Impress someone for any special occasion in our luxurious Mercedes Sprinter Bus for up to 15 passengers comes with complimentary ice, water and cooler, Bluetooth capabilities enable you to enjoy the music through your phone.

San Francisco has numerous world class restaurant with sizzling attractions that mystically balance and brilliantly executed.

Sprinter Bus

Interior of Sprinter Bus

Dining Extravaganza

Arrive in style with family and friends while you dine in one of world class restaurants in world class city of San Francisco, that most fancy restaurants are oasis of excellence and never loses its luster, try some of indulgent and get some of celebratory experience in a gorgeous setting of their dine-in places.

Whether you are steak lover or hungry for crabs and Oysters, just check with our concierge services that will some of the best restaurants in San Francisco.